Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Weekend in San Antonio, TX

My husband and I went to San Antonio this past weekend just to get away from the everyday chores of being home. We had a wonderful time visiting my husbands cousin Elias DeLeon. Elias opened a beautiful store right off Highway 35 and next door to the Alamo Dome. The shop is called DeLeon and Silvestri Sculptors and Fountains. He sells awesome water fountains, beautiful sculptors, bird bathes and planters. The shop is in a building that use to be a Mexican Restaurant at one time. The restaurant sign is high on top of the building that they have not had the chance to take it down. So, he gets lots of traffic coming to his shop looking of the mexican restaurant. Which is great, because coming next year he is going to open a eatery there in that same building that will feature food and fountains. It's a great location. Here are a few pictures of his shop.

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